Class Description

Health & Wellness Tips

               What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters 

compared to what lies with in us

We offer a variety of classes in Yoga Dynamics and all of classes share one goal to provide comfortable safe space to explore mind, body and soul.

Hatha All Level: In this widely practiced form of yoga you are developing flexibility and toning your body by learning to use your breath in coordination with the movement of your body. Emphasis is on proper alignment and breath flow. This is for all levels; poses are modified for different levels of students.

Yin Yoga: Suitable for almost all levels of students Yin Yoga concentrates on strengthening, lengthening and rehabilitating the body's connective tissue. Yin postures put gentle stress on inelastic joints and ligaments and are held for longer periods of time. Yin is a quiet, passive, meditative practice, yet can be quite challenging due to the long duration of the poses. Even the seasoned yogis can do this class to balance their practice.

Yin/Yang Yoga: First half of the class is slow, steady, mindful poses with the sense of core softness and surrender.  Second half has active poses, maintaining core strength, building to an apex before calming down for relaxation. This class allows for setting up inner alignment, creating the foundation for outer or postural alignment. You have a complete and balanced Yoga class.

Hatha Flow: You open your heart and mind experiencing the flow through constant movement transitioning from one pose to another in sequence.  The poses are carefully selected to encourage flexibility, strength and cardiovescular endurance.

Gentle/Restorative yoga: This is suitable for all levels focusing on floor postures supporting deeper relaxation, stress management with breathing techniques. Useful for anybody in today’s fast paced life.

Yogalates: In this hybrid class you will find a fusion of Yoga and Pilates techniques to develop core strength, help tone muscles, increase flexibility and strength. It is good for everyone but is particularly beneficial for back pain and postnatal women.

Core-Back Yoga: In this strenuous 30 minutes class we focus on poses that specifically use the core muscles and strengthen and stretch the lower back.

 Yoga At the Wall: This class is  for all levels. The wall is used as the prop for alignment and to nurture opening.  Using the wall you work with resistance for more effective strength  training, stretching and support. It teaches intermediat students to move more gracefully and provides security and support for those in need of yoga therapy and seniors.

The last 5 Pounds Weight Management and Wellness Program: This proven system consists of one-on-one monitoring to assist you with nutrition and result monitoring (keeping track of your weight, BMI and Fat percentage), along with the best physical approach to weight loss.  The program offers daily classes to provide that motivation we all need  when it comes to weight loss and exercise.

Instructors are always available 15 minutes before or after the class. Come and talk to us. Our experienced and enthusiastic teachers will guide you through the phases of your journey to reach the optimum of your strength and energy.